Why the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount is the Best Chin Mount for GoPro

When mounting a GoPro to your motorcycle helmet, there’s only a few options to choose from. You can choose a kit that mounts to the side and has an unreasonable number of extension arms to bring it around to the front. You can get a mount that straps around the chin area via the visor, rendering the visor unable to fully close. Or, you can side mount or top mount your GoPro - both of which look awkward and catch more wind drag. The best way to mount a GoPro to your helmet is on the chin area, and for this, it’s hard to go wrong with the MotoRadds chin mounts. Now, MotoRadds currently doesn’t have a mount for every helmet, but they have mounts for the most common helmets and they’re consistently innovating and making better and more universal products. At the time of writing this article, they offer 3 mounts, all of which are made of high quality, injection molded, polycarbonate (that's the same material most helmet shells are made of). The Original Helmet Chin Mount, which is a fairly universal mount, is their flagship product. It’s got 3 components: the centerpiece where the GoPro buckle clip mounts, and two arms on either side that are hinged to adjust to various helmet curvatures. This chin mount fits best on helmets with a smoothly, curved, chin area. For example, this is the perfect chin mount for Shoei RF-1200, BELL Qualifier, Sedici Strada, and other helmets that have smoothly curved chin areas. However, if you’re using something like the AGV Pista, AGV, Corsa, or AGV K1, then their helmet chin mount for AGV Pista/Corsa (how aptly named, right?) is going to be a better option due to the aggressive angle of their chin areas. The final product that they have is even more specialized. The helmet chin mount for ICON Airflite. The ICON Airflite is a very unique but popular helmet with a visor that extends over the chin area. This makes pretty much any other mount impossible to use on the chin area. So MotoRadds produced a chin mount especially for the ICON Airflite. A mount that hooks into the vents of the visor as well as having 3M adhesive for double the security. Overall, the MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount is the best mount for sportbike style helmets. With several patented designs and some more extremely innovative ones on the way, you’ll want to keep an eye on this company. This won’t be the only thing we see from them You can see all their products and stay up to date with them at MotoRadds.com.

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