How to Mount a GoPro to AGV Pista and Corsa Helmets

So you've got an AGV Pista or Corsa helmet. One of the best helmets available on the market with the sleekest looks. The sexy, swooping, curvature that tapers off into a mean reverse brim on the back. The visor that slims down into a sharp pointed chin. There's only one problem.... how do you mount a GoPro to this work of art designed to be aesthetic and functional but doesn't account for action camera mounting? You can do the common, but unappealing side mount. However, then you get an unevenly weighted helmet with a bulky growth coming out of the side. Maybe you opt for the top - but then you have an antennae sticking out as if you're trying to make contact with our intergalactic neighbors. So the best option is the chin area... but it's so pointy that no mount can easily fit onto it. Until now. MotoRadds has seen the homemade solutions and tacky 3D printed mounts that come from materials that no one should ever trust with such an expensive piece of equipment. We knew we could do better, so we did. We created a well balanced, extremely strong, injection molded helmet mount designed especially for AGV Pista/Corsa helmets.

This mount consists of 4 pieces working together to make the most secure mount for AGV helmets you can find. Once applied to the helmet - it complements the design and becomes one with the helmet.

Installation is simple: First, you apply the provided 3M adhesive pads to each wing leaving one side of the adhesive liner on. Each wing has a cutout on the back of the centerpiece to sit in. You place each wing in their respective spaces and then drop the hinge into the middle. The wings remain loose at this point. At this point, it's recommended to test fitment with the adhesive liner still on the one side of the 3M tape. The best way to find placement is to align the tops of the wings with the bottom line of the vents on the helmet. The wings should run as parallel as possible to these lines. It's best to have the center rib touching the middle first (if the outer ribs don't touch, that's not a problem. Some helmet sizes/models may not completely touch.) and then push the wings back. Once you're content with placement, peel the remaining adhesive liner off and place the mount on the way you had tested. If for whatever reason you need replacement 3M tape, please contact with your or order number and we will send replacement 3M tape at no charge. Get out there. Go riding. Capture your experience from the best point of view the helmet offers.

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