The Perfect Pamphlet Every Motorcyclist Needs

It's finally spring. The sun is shining, the temperatures climbing, and that only means one important thing for us motorcycle owners - it's riding season! With riding season comes weekends finding the curviest roads, riding with groups or friends, and of course, everyone that doesn't ride that feels the need to offer their opinions and stories. It seems unavoidable. Your aunt at a family barbecue saying she just can't believe your mom/spouse/dog/girlfriend let's you ride such a dangerous thing! The cashier at the grocery store that notices you carrying your helmet and decides that she'll share a story about her brother's, friend's, uncle's, father's death on a motorcycle back in the spring of '94. There's finally an answer to avoid all of this. A pamphlet!

As you can see in the photo above, the pamphlet cover reads, "So You Just Found Out That I Ride A Motorcycle, Let's Save Some Time!" Flip it over and you're met with a list of bullet points that will cover the most common occurring questions, remarks, and anecdotes.

  • Yes! It's pretty fast!

  • Yes! It's relatively dangerous!

  • I'm sorry to hear your _________ died in a grisly crash!

  • No! I don't need the details!

  • Yes! I always wear a helmet!

  • Yes! My spouse "lets" me ride!

  • Yes! I have kids. They love it!

  • No! You can't ride it!

  • Yes! It gets hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and wet in the rain!

  • No! It wasn't that expensive!

  • No! Cars sure don't see us!

  • Loud pipes do NOT save lives!

  • Yes! It gets ok gas mileage!

  • No! They're not for everyone!

  • Yes! I have a special license!

  • Yes! They get stolen a lot!

Thank You for your interest! Now, MotoRadds currently makes the best helmet mount for GoPro, but we're starting to think we need to start offering some pamphlets. Maybe people will start to get the hint that they're not the first ones to offer up their advice and remarks. If you feel like you need some of these in your life, the creator, Ted Redmer, does offer them for sale here! It seems these questions and remarks are inevitable but as you ride this season, keep the shiny side up. We don't want anyone ending up like that brother's, friend's, uncle's, father in the Spring of '94.

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