MotoRadds Helmet Chin Mount: The Pursuit of a Solution

I did it. I bit the bullet and bought my first motorcycle. It's... freedom. Relaxation, freedom, and happiness. It's like discovering a secret island and I want to share it with the world. Enter the growing culture of motovlogging. Motovlogging is essentially where you mount a GoPro to your helmet and record your journey, stranger encounters, near misses, and sometimes even accidents. This seems like a fun idea for me until I run into one, little, problem. My helmet. In all of my excitement to hit the road, I ran to the nearest motorcycle shop and picked up the most reasonably priced helmet I could find. This happened to be the Bell Qualifier. So I get my Bell Qualifier and I figure I'll get one of my GoPro mounts and stick it to my helmet on the chin area. Nope. Bell designed this helmet in such a way that the chin area isn't just rounded by the convex nature of standard helmets, but the convex curvature somehow finds a way to have a concave dip in the chin area. If you want a GoPro helmet chin mount, you're going to have to stick your 3M secured mounting plate at the jawline and buy 23 extensions to curve the camera around to the front of the helmet. My roommate also happens to ride. He, however, being the wiser of us two, purchased a Shoei RF1200. So I go to see if I can put a GoPro chin mount on the RF1200. Nope. This time because the chin area has an inverted divot going all the way across the chin area. Time for a solution. This is the part where the GoPro helmet chin mount comes in. I'm not going to bore you with the 2 months of engineering, arguments with contracts that couldn't be fulfilled to quality standards, and countless machine errors. We'll fast forward to where we developed one of the most universal helmet chin mounts available. Not only that, but it actually looks sleek. The solution was to create a horizontal mount that is winged so that it can snugly form to the curvature of various helmets. Not only does this helmet chin mount work for Shoei RF1200 and Bell Qualifier - but it works with so. many. more! No more mounting your camera on the side of your helmet so that you catch more wind than a sailboat at sea. No more mounting your camera on the top of your helmet so that you look like a Teletubby that can't open it's visor. Now, your camera angle is first person. Now, your video is stabilized by the smooth gimbal that our heads naturally rest on. Now, you have the most minimum wind drag you can achieve with a helmet camera. Go out there. Travel. Explore. Tell your story, from your perspective.

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